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"A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it.  A mentor walks alongside you to show you what you can do."

- Anonymous Poet

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To Sign-up for this outstanding program please click on the link below:

Program Manual 

Alpha Young Achievers Mentoring Program

The purpose of this mentoring program is to support, empower, and listen to young African American males (grades 3rd through 5th) surrounding culturally relevant topics that will help them matriculate successfully during their elementary school years. This service is being provided at our partner in education, Walnut Creek Elementary School (WCES) in Henry County Schools. The program currently meets monthly at a local location and may expand to other elementary schools in Henry County very soon. 

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Alpha Esquires is a mentoring program for young men in grades 6 -12 and currently enrolled in schools in Rho Sigma Lambda Chapter’s catchment area.  Our mentors promote leadership development, career awareness, community involvement, educational planning, oral communication skills, health and social awareness. Each Esquire is partnered with a RSL Chapter mentor.


The program is designed to enhance the performance of participants in all subject matters, with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Our ultimate goal is for each Esquire to become contributing members of society. When an Alpha Esquire completes the program, he will be prepared to take the SAT/ACT college entrance exams, and be aware of how to successfully navigate the college application process.

The Alpha Esquires program meets once a month on Saturday. These meetings will consist of formal meetings and activities promoting academic achievement and college preparation.

All applicants must meet the following criterion to be considered for the Alpha Esquire program:

  • Be a male in grades 6 -12

  • Be familiar with and interested in the goals and objectives of the Alpha Esquire program

  • Complete the Alpha Esquires Membership Application

  • Review the Essay Question and submit a 300 word minimum response


Alpha Esquires will meet monthly. In order for an Esquire to receive the maximum benefits of the program, he must be present and willing to participate. Active and engaged Esquires and families are preferred.  All education enhancement activities are treated as business sessions. Esquires are required to attend these sessions wearing a white shirt, black tie, black pants (slacks or Dockers) and black dress shoes.  Esquires are required to wear an Alpha Esquire polo, tee shirt, or other shirt provided by the RSL Chapter. This will be enforced without deviation during field trips, as we want every Esquire to be readily identifiable.  Esquires are required to provide 9 and 18 week grade and behavior reports each semester.

Program Manual 

To Sign-up for this outstanding program please click on the link below:

For additional questions please contact our program mentors at

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