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Alpha Needs Every Brother


An active brotherhood is the lifeblood of our organization.  And although ‘College days may swiftly pass,’ our mission remains constant.  That’s why the decision to get active after several years, or remain active each year is such an important one.  It is, however, up to all Alpha men, to decide what level of engagement will best suit and compliment their lives.

If you are a Brother looking for a Chapter home in one of the following counties: Butts, Lamar, Henry, Spalding and Upson, you need to look no further.


The Rho Sigma Lambda Chapter take very seriously the effort to create a Brotherly environment where Brothers feel instantly welcome and valued. Our meetings are professional, our programs are numerous and diverse, and the need for Brothers on the front line doing the work of Alpha is GREAT.  The door to our room in the House of Alpha is open and waiting for you.  We invite all Brothers of Alpha to visit us for a chapter meeting and experience BROTHERHOOD at its best.


OUR MEETINGS ARE: Every second Monday of the month @ 7:06 p.m. with the exception of the months of July and August.  


Start your process of activating your Chapter membership with Rho Sigma Lambda Chapter by completing the form below.

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how to get active

Did you know that you can now create and modify your existing profiles, add a biography and photo, make payments and donations, view registrations, shop exclusively through the AlphaShop portal, and much more by clicking on the link below

To reactivate your Alpha membership please follow these steps: 


  1. Click on the link below.

  2. Upon successful login to AlphaMX, find the Transactions tab.

  3. Under My Invoices, Transactions, Receipts there will be an invoice to pay to get active.

  4. If the invoice is not present you must call Alpha HQ’s to get an invoice created for you.


If you have an issue with logging into your AlphaNet account, please contact the Membership Department at (410) 554-0040 or email the membership department at for assistance.

If you do not have an AlphaNet account, please contact Membership for assistance as well.





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